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The it features videos from
We created this site to be able to launch a project that it's designed to offer our files for ONLINE PLAY.
We really think that online streaming is the future of digital media and these days many customers own a smartphone or a tablet PC, many of you travel a lot and if the wetlook media will be available without downloading on a hard disk we think that will be a step ahead on getting what you want fast and with MAXIMUM PRIVACY. We don't even mention the site name on the credit card billing, as we know how important is for you to keep your private stuff, PRIVATE.

So let us explain to you how the system is working...
The media is available in two formats:

1. As normal update (the original file, uploaded at the time we created the update, usually in wmv) and that update can be bought for $5 and it includes the video and the pictures.
This version can be bought by anyone for $5 per clip and can be download to the customer's HDD. For those customers who own a WAMclub membership the update will cost only $3.)
PLEASE NOTE that you have to DOWNLOAD the clips from (click on the OUTLET TAB)


BUT you are not here to download the clips, you are here to get them as online streams ;)

2. As online clip, (CONVERTED FROM THE ORIGINAL TAPE to maximise the quality) So we did not used the wmv file to make the mp4 clips available for online play, we captured the original tape and export it in mp4 format.

The second version, THE ONLINE VERSION, can be watched online based on a membership (a recurring membership) that will give the customer ACCESS TO ALL  THE CLIPS from the wam outlet site, with a few exceptions (10-20 videos) which don't have an online version because the original tape got lost and we did not wanted to convert the wmv file to mp4 because the results would be crappy quality)

IMPORTANT Please update your flash player (if needed) as our media player needs Adobe Flash 10+

You can find the latest version of flash player HERE
If you don't want to install Adobe flash on your PC you have to use in order to be able to play the files a HTML5 browser (Google Chrome10+ or Internet Explorer 9+).

For a clear image of how the system is working please spend some minutes watching a little tutorial video created to help you understand the system better. The video can be found HERE.

Of course for any question and issues we are happy to assist IF needed.