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T208c4 (WetlookHunter)
10 minutes 

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I think the day we meet Geta was the last hot autumn day for 2007...
Geta was sitting on a bench and after I said HI and I ask her if I may take a sit next to her, I asked her what is she doing there...
She said that she is "sort of waiting for somebody" and I wanted to ask her how is that to sort of waiting for somebody but I did not asked her because the chances to upset her was pretty high ;).
She was a nice person and she was dressed in a business outfit (later on I find that she just come out from a job interview) - BTW she did not pass that and she sort of waiting for her boyfriend to give him the bad news. She also told me that she is a student and in her free time she like to have fun. Which was the perfect point of our conversation to propose her a little fun ;) and I begin to talk :) and after a minute or so I start to feel like the girl is not really hearing what I am talking about :)) really, she was so not there...
I convinced her to step under the warm shower and probably the reason was that she got rejected at that job interview or the fact that her boyfriend was late on their meeting. I am thinking at these two reasons because like I said I've had the impression that I talk alone and the girl don't seem to get what I say :).
After all the most important think is that I got her under the shower... right the way she was... nice office outfit and high heels. After she begin to shower she also begin to talk more and she said that she find the situation funny (being under the shower fully clothed) and she liked the way the clothes felt heavy on her.

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