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T969c1 (WetlookHunter)
13 minutes 

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Is was a late autumn day, and few days back we already had the first snow. We was in a park when we saw her... nicely dressed and beautiful presence, you know the type that can really bright up your day with her kind smile.

What can you say to a girl like this to get her wet? As we experience it: ANYTHING as long as you keep talking and talking and TALKING till poor soul don't have other choice except say: Ok, let's give it a try!

Really, seeing this footage again and again and again makes me wonder how in the world did accept it cos in the persuasive speech the two way communication was entirely missing, it was more like a commercial where the hunter kept suggesting what we do is the smartest thing since the sliced bread :))
Well, sometimes this strategy prove to work as well, and this is one of the times :)

So Eniko came with us and she really considered the stuff extra ordinary :) I mean it was her first fully clothed pool play, so it's kind of normal to consider it extraordinary :)
First she soaked her coat properly and herself as well, from head to toe, then she took off the coat and continued to soak her sweater and her thin pants along with her boots.
After a while the boos and the sweater came off as well, Eniko ending the clip in a black top and what appeared to be nylon socks, but it could be black nylons as well, don't know for sure.

So enjoy the new stuff, guys... we sure enjoyed and Eniko enjoyed as well ;)

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