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T946c2 (WetlookHunter)
15 minutes 

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Julia's dream is to become a super model one day... Of course I could tell right when I saw her that she is made for modelling as she is tall, beautiful and she has a very positive attitude she has a superb smile and believe it or not she was always open (she said) to all the challenges he heard about.
And believe it or not our "challenge" to get her into the sea with all her clothes on, was not the hardest thing she had to do :)
Anyway... you should know that she was already working as a model when we met... so I knew this time will be not hard to get her into the sea fully clothed... BUT I thought that I will make the things more interesting for her... so I din't told her WHY she have to come with me... I told her that it will be a surprise and she will find out only at the sea side what she suppose to do. Of course I was taking the risk too cos if she would say NO then it would mean that I went all over there for nothing. BUT of course she said yes and after a little cat walk moves on the beach she walked in and out in the sea, getting her clothes slowly, gradually, wet.
Judging upon the look on her face I am sure she will come back for more shootings after this one.
One thing for the shoe fans, the beautiful platform heels she was wearing was taken off after 3 minutes so if you prefer clips where the heels stay on for the whole time then this session is probably not for you.

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