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T944c2 (WetlookHunter)
14 minutes 

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When we met Raluca, this 22 years old girl), she thought that we are from a TV station and deliberately I let her believe that till I could get her to sit on a bench.
Then I explained the reality... in a complicated and elegant manner :) you will see... but the bottom idea was AS ALWAYS, that we would like to see her soaked wet.
She was coming from school and it was a hot summer day, so she was not overdressed.
She was wearing black leggings, and a brown top and high heels, so no jacket this time guys :(
Hopefully her pretty face and her enjoyment when she got into the pool compensates the lack of the jacket.
She asked us why do we pick up the girls on the street when we could hire them from agencies? A question that not many girls asked in the past... And the only answer I could think of was " because we can" :)
And I explained to her that the offer of the street in this business is far superior then any agency's offer.
I also told her that if she will feel ok then we will sure get her wet more then once :) but I am not sure that this was the reason why Raluca choose so soak her clothes in the pool that day.
In fact probably she didn't have a reason... probably she has more then one reason and one was that she felt pity for my lousy persuasion :)
Who knows? The point is that we got her wet, and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

Enjoy ;)

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