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T916c7 (WetlookHunter)
15 minutes 

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AnnaMaria was on her way to visit a good friend... And the first thought when she told me that she is in a hurry was to het her go... cos I imagined that there will be no way I can get her into the sea with those clothes on.
The conversation started ina bit skeptical manner in any case... and when I told her straight up that we would need her to pose for use INTO THE SEA she was at one step from shock :))
She admitted tough that she is bold by nature BUT (she said) Wednesday is not her lucky day so she rather pass.
Well, you know what that means right? For me at least means GIVE ME A DAMN REASON AND I WILL DO IT :)
More of that, after a few seconds she really asked me for a good reason to get wet.
And I hate that I was weak... but the only reason that I could find was the money.
And when I told her "the reason" her question was "- How much?" and from that point we was on a path that I walked many times before and I knew the end...
I will get her into the water... no matter the cost.
BUT this time I was kind of wrong... cos the money alone was not enough for the blondie to get wet.

Enjoy watching her posing and playing into the sea.

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