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T893c2 (WetlookHunter)
13 minutes 

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It's perfectly true that if you get a girl to laugh you can get her to do many things... And that is something you can check out in any case not just if you try to get a girl in the tub ;) and you will see that I am right.
I have written this introduction because Imola was another case where I experienced that.
I am sure that she was though that we will ask her to do some group play, or in any case I am sure that even when she agreed to come with me she was thinking that something fishy will take place and me talking about taking a bath fully clothed cannot be real, BUT the temptation of the money was to big for her to let the opportunity pass.
Yes, it's a little sad that I give her money to come with me (I am more and more motivated to avoid giving the girls money to get their clothes wet) BUT the truth was that her clothes was very nice and the rain was coming and I was almost sure that I will not find another girl that day.
At the end of the day we got ourselves another pretty girl soaked wet, and as you can see she felt quite nice in the bath tub, her clothes look absolutely great when wet, so I spent the money wisely this time :)

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