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T934c7 (WetlookHunter)
15 minutes 

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It was a very cold winter day when I have met Brigitta and I could not help to notice how beautiful her eyes was.
It's not easy to get the girls on a day like that even to stop and listen for a minute to what I have to say, so I was very happy when this 24 years old pretty girls looked interested to hear my usual introduction.
I didn't want to offer her money cos that day I was determined to get a girl who come with me for nothing except the curiosity and if I remember correctly she was the third girl I was meet that day, and obviously I was not YET desperate to offer the girl anything just to get her wet.
To tell you the truth I dunno what was the real reason why she accepted to come with me and soak her clothes in the pool cos as a matter of fact she is a very shy person… and she said to me after the shooting that she cannot explain to herself the reason why she accepted to come with a stranger and pose in the pool FULLY CLOTHED.
Of course I am always interested to hear and describe to you the reason why the girls came with me and soak their clothes BUT in this case, since I don't have a clue, let's say I am less interested what was Brigitta's reason to get wet for us. She looked great in the pool, getting her pink pants and her winter jacket wet and despite the fact that indeed she was shy in the beginning of the clip, we have a very nice wetlook update from the 24 years old pretty girl.

Enjoy the view ;)

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