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T943c9 (WetlookHunter)
13 minutes 

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Monica was walking on the street, apparently without any specific direction... you know the kind of walk that probably any of us take once in a while, when we just go where the feet take us ;)
Needless to say that a pretty girl without a specific destination is just what I need when I search for girls... because at least they listen to what I have to say and a high percent even accept the "challenge" to come with me.
I picked up this "challenge" stuff from one fellow wetlook fan, I am sure many of you heard of "Helenita Hernandes" the girl who challenge other girls to take clothed showers and many of them of course accept the challenge, not knowing of course that "Helenita" is most probably a male person :)
Anyways... back to my challenge... Cos that was the idea I have used when I have met Monica, I challenged her to take a fully clothed play into the pool for us and she accepted. And she accepted without a special reason, without money without any special promises. She accepted because she really wanted to know how it is and of course because the idea was way better then to wonder on the streets with no destination.

So I have an advice for all the wetlook fans out there... if a girl can be convinced by a "Helenita Hernandez" or a guy like me to get wet, fully clothed, in front of the camera, then I am sure that any girl can be convinced to soak her clothes for the fun of it, it's a matter of patience and of course the result of persuasive work ;)

Enjoy watching a new beauty in the pool.

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