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T865c4 (WetlookHunter)
16 minutes 

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I usually like to think that I have a very good strategy when I get the girls wet and I easily guess what I should tell them in order to get them in the water with all their clothes on... BUT in Marielle's case well, I was completely out of shape, and I am sure that it was 100% luck that she did not left me in the street and go on her way.
Maybe was not just luck... and maybe the girl just liked my "not so smart" face that day, cos in order to agree to get wet she asked for a kiss from me (on the camera) so on a second thought, it was not 100% luck, maybe it was 50% money, 45% curiosity of how will be to get in the pool with her clothes on and 5% the kiss I had to gave her.

BUT the percents don't really matter... and what matters is the look of this pretty girl when her nice clothes got well soaked in the pool. And she had a really good time playing under the shower and posing the cameras. She did not mind to get her leather jacket wet and she happily took off her leather boots after a while, so we have a little something for the socks fans in this one ;)

Enjoy watching Marielle's first wetlook experience.

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