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T934c8 (WetlookHunter)
16 minutes 

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The first impression I've had about Meli is that she is a arrogant bitch and only the fact that it was not a very pleasant day for "girl hunting" made me keep pushing the conversation till the point when I see on her face that she is ready to listen what I really want to say to her.

For starters tough I offered her money (which he did no accept) to tell me how it's kissing going with the piercing and then made a her smile with a remark about her English skills... or to be more exact about the lack of skills.

And then, after I thought that she will not slap me after I make the wetlook proposal, I presented her the true reason why I stopped her.

Since she rejected my proposal to give her money to tell me how is kissing with the piercing on, I have decided not to give her money to come with me, instead I presented her the whole thing like a long therm relationship (which it was cos after this clip we invited her over for more clips) and present her the whole thing like a chance to work with us. IF (I said) she will enjoy the first clip of course.

So after all she came with me for no money at all (and this is a rare thing during the winter) BUT she had a strong curiosity of how is to be a wetlook model... a curiosity which she satisfied after she posed in the pool for us all.

Please note that the clip is marked as 1080p BUT the part where we meet on the street is encoded in 720p (we have to take care of the space on the server too ;)

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