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T865c1 (WetlookHunter)
16 minutes 

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Ani is a bit different then the most of the girls I got the chance to talk with, cos she was (at least at the first glance) a rough type of girl... one that sure need another strategy cos she will not fall for "you are the most beautiful, let's make you a star" lines ;).
I took her slowly... and after I managed to get her to sit down with me on a bench and I found out that she is 19, I tested a little her English skills (which was not so great :) so I continued to "charm" her in her native language.
In any case among the universal laws there is one that rarely is proven wrong: "Women likes money" BUT some of them also like to earn the money (Any was looked the hard working type) So I offered her not just money, but I've invited her to be a model for us for the cash.

I've had a feeling that Ani is under the constant impression that we are from a "candid camera" show and every second she was expecting me to say that the whole scenario was a joke, but she negotiated the price for her time pretty hard (probably she said to herself that IF the whole thing is real and no one will say "Smile, you're on candid camera" at some point at least she will get her pretty outfit wet for a good reason.

In any case it was a pleasure to get her into the pool and watch her enjoying the situation she was into, seeing the expression on her face when she emerged from the water and feeling the clothes sticking to her body.

Enjoy watching her ;)

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