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T911c6 (WetlookHunter)
14 minutes 

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She is Anca and she is 24 years old... and she was just headed home after a job interview. And she was really dressed to impress the employers, she was wearing a black satin jacket and a black fancy blouse under it , a tight skirt, a pair of heels and pantyhose, so only looking at her I knew that the girl can do some sacrifices to impress.

She said that she is not sure if she got the job or not, but she is expecting a call from the company.
I didn't want to try to get her wet only for the fun of it... cos I am thinking that a 24 years old lady sure needs some extra motivation to get her clothes wet into the sea, so I asked her if she would not accept a job as a model for us for 10 minutes. I told her what we need her to do, she looked relieved when I assured her that we will not push her into the sea and the production will only contain nice stuff and only posing she consider appropriate.

She said yes, and she came along and she looked so nice playing into the water with her clothes on as my co-worker had a hard time keeping some guys away from her on the beach.
So at the end of the day we not only get this sexy lady in the water but we sure made 3 wetlook fans that day.

Enjoy the update.

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