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T895c1 (WetlookHunter)
14 minutes 

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Hanna is 21 and she was rushing home in a rainy autumn day. Usually I like dais with a little rain because there are chances to get a girl into the tub a lot easier since she is already partially wet. Too bad that not any rain is ok to shoot because the gear is of course not waterproof.
So are rare the occasions when we actually film through he rain, BUT that day the rain was a very light one so I tried my luck and it worked.

Anyway... back to this beauty.... She speaks good English and she is a student and she ended the day soaked in our bath tub. And yes... she likes money and she came with me after we negotiated a little bit the price of her time.

We filled a bath with water for her and I explained her what she needs to do to keep our cameras happy :) and she did a very good job playing with the shower and enjoying the warm water.

Sadly she did not took the boots off in the clip but her casual clothes all shiny from the water and the look of her pretty face enjoying the bath sure worth every penny I spend to get her in the bath.

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