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T911c4 (WetlookHunter)
14 minutes 

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I know... many of our fans like to see our girls in a winter environment, playing in a tub while her jacket looks awesome under the shower's spray. And I promise... we will have updates like this in the future, just as we had in the past.
BUT for now we are back to the summer updates and you have to agree that there are ZERO chances to find a beauty like we have here for you dressed like this in the middle of the winter ;)
Andra is 23 years old and she has the most beautiful eyes I saw in the summer of 2012 (and I've saw a few believe me ;)
I had to take a little to catch my breath after I looked into her eyes. After I was able to split a sentence out of me she answered that she came from work and she go home. And since she had no wedding ring on her hand I assumed that no hubby will wait for her home so she might be in jeopardy to have a boring afternoon, which I could not accept.
So of course I promised her three things to get her wet:
1. She will have fun playing in the sea with her clothes on
2. She will get a lot of photos as a souvenir from us at the end of the day.
3. She will be watched and enjoyed by many people when the material get's uploaded.

As you can imagine for the third promise I need your help so... have fun watching this beauty in the sea.

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