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T890c5 (WetlookHunter)
16 minutes 

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We know that many fans prefer the winter clothing updates and this is the main reason we choose winter or late autumn when are walking around the cities to search beauties so it's not an easy task... BUT I can tell for sure that the girl who have the courage and come with us in a hotel room and soak her clothes deserve a prize... not necessarily a money prize but in any case some reward. And probably the fact that the winter scenes are so much harder to produce then the ones happening during the summer, it makes them somehow our favorites, and we know that many of our fans like them for the exact same reason.

Anna is a 21 years old pretty girl and she was in a kind of rush when we met... and I cannot blame her for that, cos it was really cold that day. Anyway, in order to get her wet, I made a bet with her, I have bet her 100$ that she will like the clothed bath. I told her that IF she will not enjoy the bath I will give her 100$ and IF she will not enjoy the bath I will not ask her to give me the 100$, we will consider that to be her payment for her time.
You be the judge here and the comments are welcome on what you thing about her... she enjoyed the bath and let that be seen on the camera or she preferred to be paid at the end of the day?

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