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T911c3 (WetlookHunter)
14 minutes 

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I don't know about you guys, but I sure missed the sea side updates lately so I pack my crew and the gear and went to hunt a little in a city we went before two years ago and since lately many customers and fans are asking me why I stopped searching for ladies dressed in business suits I decided to stay as long as it takes to find some nice ladies that not only will came with me and soak their clothes, BUT they will also enjoy it and I can get them into the BIG wetlook circle we have.
I think I started the whole campaign with the right foot, Helen is a beautiful 22 years old lady, who was dressed just the way I wanted her to be, she was coming from work and she was facing a boring afternoon in a hot day so she was not that hard to be convinced to try out our wetlook experience and on to of all she had a great time in the water, posing for the cameras and she promised to be back for more clips IF we will ask her to.
SO you have nothing else to do except to enjoy the view ;)

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