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T864c7 (WetlookHunter)
18 minutes 

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Erika D was not rushing anywhere, she was just sitting, on a bench, waiting for a girlfriend of hers and my first thinking was to wait for her friend and which I hoped that looks as pretty as Erika looked, hoping that I will get maybe both into the water.
Erika was not the usual type of girl I am used to get into the water... she is more of the type you see next to you on the street, but never smiles or trying to be nicer then she really is, she don't try to catch your eyes with a sexy, fancy look on the street, although she was dressed pretty nicely, with leggings and boots and a black coat over a thin blouse. So her dressing was just perfect for us, I thought, therefore I could not let het stay there dry and bored ;)
Erika is the girl which can be tough enough to be in a manager position BUT you can just as easily imagine her as a call girl ;) She really have a great personality and I could not decided which part I like the most (the serious bossy look when I've met her or the part where she was looking at her wet clothes on herself looking like she was enjoying the wetlook experience very much.
Enjoy watching her.

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