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T864c4 (WetlookHunter)
15 minutes 

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The day we spotted her on the street, Timi was on her way to her boyfriend and she looked just perfect for a casual date. So of course I could not let her dry for the afternoon. And AGAIN I have noticed, and I am more and more sure about it... if you pay attention and compliment a girl at the right time in the right place you can get almost everything from her.
I make a bet with any of you guys. Go anywhere in this world (in the middle day) and tell a girl that she is beautiful and you will see her face changing and a coffee with you will not be that far from that point. It works most of the times and before my lines here will become too cheesy and melodramatic I will stop ;)
I will tell you only that you will enjoy this beauty, soaked wet, with all her clothes on ;)

Keywords: pool; showr; boots; pants; jacket; wet; wetlook;

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