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T864c2 (WetlookHunter)
17 minutes 

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Imola was on her way to see her friend, and her only concern when I told her that we would like her to come with us and play in the pool was her clothes. It was probably because she was concerned that her thin leather boots would be ruined or something, or she just wanted to get a monetary compensation for her time... Who knows.
Anyway, the point is that after I talked about compensating her for the eventual loss of her boots and jacket, she agreed to swim in them.
We can say that Imola did it for money, but she had a good time posing in the pool. And why would she not have a great time? She was in a warm pool, with cameras on her, with the music on, and she agreed to take off her jacket, revealing her thin blouse under it.

Keywords: pool; boots; jeans; jacket; leather; blouse;

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