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T467c1 (WAMPlace)
15 minutes 

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Even if Izabella gave me the "I am in a hurry, I have no time to talk to you," line, I knew that she was not in a hurry at all, and only said this to get rid of me. I mean, if a girl is really in a hurry and she doesn't want to talk to you, she will move on, and you have no chance to get her to even listen to you, let alone the fact that you will want her to get messy for the camera :) . So I can say that while Izabella was not in a hurry, she was heading somewhere - I think she mentioned that some friends expected her for a coffee or something... Her clothing was a bit strange - I suppose they have their own way to be "different" then the competition (the other girls ;) ). I liked the way Isabella was dressed, though - she was wearing a nice pair of black boots, a 40-50 den pantyhose and a light pink mini skirt matched with a white blouse. I don't know if the pink and white combination made me to order 15 liters of chocolate mixture for Izabella but that was the truth, and the other truth was that she really liked the way her clothes changed color under the sticky substance... Enjoy the update.

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