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T232c1 (WAMPlace)
10 minutes 

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We was admiring with the cameraman the famous Black church in the city and we was talking how it's got the name when Cristina walked by and
of course we look in her direction attracted by the sound
of her heels on the asphalt. She was rushing and I run after her but this nice lady did not want to stop so she get me and the cameraman on the run a little bit... you will discover yourselves the conversation during the "chase" and you will see that only thing that make her stop (probably) was the fact that we get into a pretty crowded area and the cameraman was having difficulties shooting us between all the people. I was very straight to this lady because I was already tired to find girls that day and besides she was among the few I saw dressed in a business outfit and I really wanted her to get messy. Cristina's favorite substance was chocolate and because the brown chocolate wouldn't look good on her black outfit I suggested to try the white chocolate instead. A must update for the chocolate fans and not just for them ;)

NOTE: this episode is 18 minutes long and because it's shot and encoded in High Definition Video format with 1280x720 screen size, we split the clip in 6 parts to make it easier to download. Because we wanted to keep the quality standards high we also encoded the clip at high bit rate which cause a bigger file size but we hope you will like the quality ;)
Enjoy the update.

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