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T693c2 (WetlookHunter)
15 minutes 

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Bea is 18 years old and she was just heading to the nearest McDonald's to meet some friends. As you can imagine, we could not let her just waste her time with her friends on a very nice sunny day. So we just had to make sure that she would receive a proper cooling off on a hot day like this, and on that day "a proper cooling off" was a swim in a river with all your clothes on.
I just LOOOVE summer: it's so easy to get the girls wet and the pleasure in their eyes is worth all the sweat me and my crew spend, searching the beauties that agree to enter the world of wetlook. So in the end, everyone is a winner - we get the downloads and the nice feedback from you guys (BIG thanks for both), the girls get cooled off and even if they don't, they LOVE to get wet, and if they don't return for additional shoots as a recurring model, at least they can tell the story to others and say, "I know the sensation of the wet clothes on the skin."
ENJOY the new production.

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