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H001c6 (Wetlook4U)
10 minutes 

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Katalin was ready to go shopping and she was waiting for her girlfriend to call her (they agreed that there is no point in driving thru the crowded streets of Budapest in two separate cars). To advance time, Katalin was reading a city map brochure and they happened to be advertising the new Aqua Park and in one picture was a young lady, about Katalin's age, wearing a pair of tight jeans - just about that tight as Katalin's jeans was - and she was totally soaked. Then Katalin remembered the last time she used the jacuzzi to relax while she was fully clothed. She vividly remembered the feeling of the wet fabric against her skin and the way that the dress embraced her body every time she climbed out of the water. The distance between that thought and a new wetlook session was just a few steps - as many as it took her to get to the jacuzzi room.

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