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T474c2 (Wetlook4U)
15 minutes 

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Joana was hitchhiking and hoping that she would soon find at least one car on the country road she was forced to be traveling on. Originally, she was heading to meet a client in order to sell a property in the area but a flat tire forced her to abandon her vehicle and hope that someone would drive her home, as the meeting with the client was already compromised. The area was not covered with GSM signal either, so you can imagine that she thought that her day could just not get any worse. When she saw a van approaching, she knew that she was saved. And indeed the van took her home, but not for free (as she would expect). The driver asked her to pay when she reached at destination and then Joana realized that she had no money on her - she left her purse in her car. The driver had an idea and grabbing the water pet next to him, he asked Joana to put some water on her clothes. Joana looked at him and thought, I wonder if he realizes that I like to get wet? And she decided to pre!
tend that she doesn't like to get wet at all. After she put some water on her blouse, denim skirt and sweater the driver considered the debt "paid," but Joana could not wait to continue to wet herself properly, in the pool. First she entered into the pool with all her clothes and her boots on and later during the clip she removed the boots and the sweater, while she continued to play showing us some sexy nyloned feet.

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