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T473c1 (Wetlook4U)
10 minutes 

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Maya was heading back home after she visited some relatives. Her car broke down in the middle of nowhere and on top of all that, her cell phone had no reception, leaving her no choice but to leave the car and find some civilization. The good aspect of all this was that the weather was not cold at all but the bad aspect was that the road had a lot of puddles, and Maya's outfit was not even close to a hiking outfit. She was wearing a nice red skirt and blouse with a black coat, black pantyhose and high heels. To make things worse, a mad man with a van splashed her with muddy water. Once she finally returned home, Maya went straight to the bathroom and she turned on the shower thinking that she will clean her clothes before she would take them off. But as soon as the hot water started running down her legs Maya thought that since the outfit must be washed anyway she will not take the clothes off, she would just relax under the hot shower just as she was dressed.

NOTE: This update contains a 10 minutes clip, encoded in HDV 720p (progressive) format and a set of 141 high resolution pictures, which can be downloaded in a ZIP file format or watched one by one.

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